How we work

How does SalesMoose deliver measurable results by growing people?

The key ingredient to deliver measurable results is not your sales methodology, nor your sales process, not even your strategy, it is your sales people executing the plan! The best way to improve your sales results is to invest in and focus on the development of your people.

How we work

Learning model

SalesMoose 70:20:10 Learning Model
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The importance of on-the-job practise & coaching

Lombardo & Eichinger learn us that if you want to improve your sales effectiveness, only 10% of the learning experience is derived from training, 20% from coaching and 70% from on-the-job practice. Our blended sales development programs are designed according to this 70:20:10 rule, ensuring the change in mindset and skills of your sales people is embedded in your daily practise.

Programs with frequent
touch points

SalesMoose High versus Low Impact
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Like Top sporters, Top Sales requires training on mindset and skills every week

Our blended programs are designed around frequent touchpoints and interventions with your sales team over a long period of time. A key success factor is that both your management and sales people take part in the sales development program. Our programs are implemented and embedded on the job, during the weekly sales meeting, during bi-laterals and via our e-learning platform by SalesStar.

Turning your Sales Managers
into super coaches

SalesMoose Super Coaches
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Sales Managers are crucial for improving sales effectiveness

SalesMoose learns your managers to become more effective in their leadership and management skills. We achieve this by our Sales Leadership & Management Academy and frequent executive coaching sessions. SalesMoose enables your Sales Managers to take responsibility for developing a high-performance sales culture.

The 7 steps towards your high performance sales team