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We develop high performance sales cultures and challenge the traditional sales training methods.

What's different about us?

Best Practise Experience

SalesMoose Best Practise Experience
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Sales transformation & development has proven to be challenging. Over 20 years of experience has learned us more don'ts than do’s. Our philosophy is to put your Sales Managers and sales people at the centre of any sales improvement program.

Research & Analytics

SalesMoose Research & Analytics
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How is your current sales staff performing on mindset and skills? We evaluate and assess your sales people on mindset and skills and provide you the analytics on 16 core sales competencies prior to any sales development program. Our commitment is to provide a five times higher ROI on your sales development efforts by offering tailor made programs that suit your teams’ specific development priorities in mindset and skills

Blended Sales Programs

SalesMoose Blended Sales Programs
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We offer blended sales development programs that combine e-learning, classroom based training and advanced coaching methodologies. A key element in our blended programs is the extensive SalesStar library for on- and offline sales and management development programs. If required we integrate your existing sales methodology, LMS or sales training in order to increase the ROI on your existing programs.

Why us

We develop high-performance sales cultures by our relentless focus on the growth of your sales people.

Our Best Practice Experience, Research & Analytics and our Blended Sales Development programs are the foundation of your success.

Your investments in sales development can be much more effective and efficient, since the ROI on traditional classroom based sales training is low. In addition, both the direct and indirect costs like travel expenses and non-productive hours are too high.

SalesMoose is challenging traditional classroom sales training by offering a disruptive approach to the development and transformation of sales organisations. We do this by providing world-leading research, innovative methodologies and blended programmes that truly embed change and actually do deliver immediate and measurable results.

SalesMoose is committed to increase the ROI on your sales development efforts and improve your sales productivity.

Business benefits

  • Grow order intake, revenue, margin, customer satisfaction
  • Develop a high-performance sales mindset
  • Achieve five times higher ROI on your sales development effort
  • Reduce your sales staff turnover
  • Speed up your on-boarding process for new sales people
  • Establish a consistent sales methodology and sales process
  • Deliver scalable and on-demand sales development programs
  • Reduce the cost of bad sales hires