Grow People Grow Sales

  • What is your ROI on sales training?

    84% of the knowledge gained during a classroom training is lost after 90 days

  • Do your Sales Managers have the required management skills?

    18% of all Sales Managers should not be in management and 34% cannot be trained to become effective

  • Do your sales people have the required sales mindset to achieve their goals?

    > 80% of our evaluations show that the sales mindset blocks the effective deployment of trained skills

  • Where can you improve your sales teams’ effectiveness?

    52% of sales people have a high need for approval, struggle to challenge customers and express “pleasing behaviour”

  • What is the impact of bad hires for your sales team?

    € 50,000 - € 150,000 is the cost of a bad sales hire

  • Is recruiting the right sales candidates becoming an increasing priority?

    > 80% the of Millennials in sales struggle with rejection and score low on their sense of responsibility

  • Is your commission plan the most effective motivator?

    96% of commission plans primarily focus on financial incentives, however 85% of sales people are intrinsically motivated

  • What is the impact of Digital Transformation on your direct sales force?

    Is the destiny of your sales team similar to that of Medical Representatives and Insurance Brokers?

  • How do you attract sales talent and prevent turnover?

    > 50% of sales talent is turned off by the increasing pressure on short-term KPI’s

  • What is the impact of blended learning on your ROI for development?

    73% improvement of sales effectiveness by on-the-job practice and consistent coaching & training (70:20:10)

Growing your business starts here

The key ingredient for your sales success is the development of your sales people.

At SalesMoose we are passionate about achieving your sales success by offering advanced methodologies, expertise and development programs that truly deliver measurable results.

Our premise is to challenge the traditional market of sales training and coaching by combining science based insights and blended sales development programs.


“With the personalized attention that SalesMoose did provide, along with the extra added sales and management assessments services you cannot find a better sales development partner for your company. Sales Moose truly delivers on their promise, and then some more!”

Sales Director

“SalesMoose knows how it’s done. The have a beautiful mix between knowledge transfer and getting the most out of the participants during the frequent coaching sessions. They have been a valuable and true partner for our organization. I can highly recommend them."

Sales Manager

“Great content, great people and great learning experience! I enjoyed every session with the SalesMoose coach. That was the time I could not only learn more about my colleagues, but mostly about myself. Understanding yourself leads to understanding your people – and people are the most valuable asset of every company”.

Sales Manager